pdx reflexology

Integrated foot, hand and ear reflexology in the heart of Portland, OR

Reflexology by accredited reflexologist, Sue Harrison

Based at Yoga Pearl or home visits by appointment

What should I wear?

Just your normal clothes. I generally work with my clients on a massage table, under a warm blanket with just hands or feet exposed as needed.

How often should I come?

This is a personal decision.  If focussing on a specific issue, then we can discuss a number of sessions, otherwise, it is as and when you feel the need for relaxation and a de-stress.  I offer discounts for 3 re-paid sessions.

Are there any side effects?

People have different responses to reflexology.  Some may find the detoxification it can cause quite powerful but this does not last long.  It is suggested that drinking water can help flush out the toxins.  Most people feel rested, restored and relaxed.  A common feedback I get is that people feel like they were floating afterwards or have had a good night's sleep. 

Is reflexology covered by health insurance?

I am not covered as yet but it is something I am looking into.

Can I have reflexology when feeling unwell?

This depends on your symptoms.  Not if infectious or running a fever.  Otherwise, generally the answer is yes.   We can work with how you are feeling and focus on supporting your immune system and specific areas to encourage the body to heal itself.  If unsure, just give me call and we can discuss your specific concerns.

Can I have reflexology when pregnant or trying to get pregnant?

Most definitely yes!  Reflexology is often used by couples trying to get pregnant as well as those overdue and wanting to bring on labor!  I am a great case study for this, with a reflexologist accurately predicting when my first child would be born - not just the day, but that it would be in the evening!  During the first trimester of pregnancy however, there are certain parts of the foot that I would avoid.