pdx reflexology

Integrated foot, hand and ear reflexology in the heart of Portland, OR

Reflexology by accredited reflexologist, Sue Harrison

Based at Yoga Pearl or home visits by appointment

Sue Harrison


I come to reflexology via positive experiences at the hands of other reflexologists; a marketing career at the slightly less tender hands of London advertising agencies; a handy success as part of the London2012 Olympic Bid team; and hands-on work as a licensed massage therapist in the UK.

When working with my massage clients, I was constantly surprised by how much you could achieve simply working with someone's feet. The level of relaxation was just different.  Far deeper and easier to achieve.  Sensitive areas were clearly telling me something, but I didn't know what!  All I knew was working gently they disappeared.  And people commented about feeling change in different parts of their body.  Compelling.  My curiosity is now partially satisfied after training and practicing reflexology here in Portland, Oregon.

I trained with the American Academy of Reflexology under the truly inspirational Bill Flocco, the pioneer of Integrated Reflexology. I am a member of the Oregon Reflexology Network and received my massage training in the UK, becoming certified through both ITEC and MTI and spent additional time in the classroom to focus on working with cancer patients.

I have experience reflexing people of all ages, including young children.